"Christian Militia" lyrics


"Christian Militia"

The cross hangs foremost in your mind
Religious piety cover up the crime
Centuries of corpses piled upon the alter
In christ's name they justify the slaughter

The cross you gave as my reward
Christian militia, army of the lord
Christian militia, christ's army unite
Bible in the left hand machine gun in the right

Mine is the blood on the battlefield split
Mine is the blame, the sacrifice and guilt
You gave me a gun and a prayer
A cross and a crown of thorns to wear

I can see the marching of the christian militia
I can see the hatred in their eyes
I can see a million kneeling in prayer
I can see a million feeding off their lies

Centuries of corpses a nations loss
Centuries of corpses nailed upon thy cross
Centuries of corpses a nations loss
Centuries of corpses you nail upon your cross

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