"Worthless" lyrics



i don't mind seeing things
like her pictures on the wall
i don't mind hearing things
like past affairs and all
i don't mind staying up
and waiting for your call
i don't mind kissing you
with everything you put me through

i'll tell you what i see
a faded memory
of him inside of you and me outside again

if you're so worthless then
why do i keep coming back again
i keep coming back for more

i don't know what to think
i think that this is wrong
i can't stand hearing things
like past affairs and all
i don't ever care
that you've been around
i don't mind leaving you
with everything you've put me through

and i'll tell you what is getting me
this utter feeling of lonely
and it eats me up inside
there's nothing left to try
been sitting up all night
without you by my side
i just can't comprehend
being alone again

Thanks to bobby mack for these lyrics

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