"So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish" lyrics


"So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish"

Don't be afraid to fly

How could you be so blind
When all is said and done
All the lies laid before your eyes
I'm seeing clearly now
All the fights just break the ties
But, day by day, I will not stray

From the dreams I have in my mind, the love in my heart
and though I try, you make it hard to love you

Don't be afraid to fly
Words are only words
You don't want to go
Wondering what could have been

From the home I came from and the lessons I was taught
I've got a van full of friends and I don't need you

Oh no, we will never fade away
Oh no, we will never fade

I've got a seat with my friends in the back of the room
We're just hanging out laughing and drinking some
And these are the moments we'll know and love forever

I am stronger now then ever before
What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger

To live your life,
To really live your life, is to dream
Be who you are

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