"Toronto Is Not That Faraway" lyrics


"Toronto Is Not That Faraway"

Run, run, run, take your clothes and gloves.
Grab some cash, what are you waiting for??
We’ll take the train to the candy world.
We left no loose ends.

This time we won’t stay back
We’re daring and bold, we’ll cross the line.
But please just hold me tight.

As we say…

Goodbye my world
These years you made it worth.
Just know you’ll always be my home.
(It doesn’t matter how long we’ll try it on and on.)

Goodbye my folks
Your trust carried us on.
But it’s time for us to change our plans.
(I’m going to miss you.)

Keep it up, you’re learning a lot.
Drag and drop all the grief you’ve got.
We’ll rock the world, there’s a place for us.
We’ll burn the stages.

This time we’ll walk the line
No fears, no tears, we won’t give up.
Tonight the stars shine bright.

And now I know I can die.
Die with a smile on my face.
Don’t you know that is all about us.
You know is all about us.

Thanks to gavinfer for these lyrics

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