"Hello Dreamers, Bye Schemers" lyrics


"Hello Dreamers, Bye Schemers"

Where are the dreams of the 60’s?
Our war is still going on and on.
Lying is a bird without its wings
They played us with no mercy
Sorry doesn’t suit us
What’s done is done

Don’t fall silent.

Go!! Now they can’t get out.
They won’t betray us.
Life is not bargaining chip
Our voice is our creed.

I know why you are here.
Gods’ anger is burning.
Time rolled in.
We’re falling out of time.

Out of time!!

Rise up!! Let me hear you scream.
Mankind is a dirty trick.
Don’t nod, it never dies away.

Don’t fall silent.

We’re the youth of the nation.
They won’t tear us all down.

(You broke my soul,
I wrote this song
About a love
That blinds the world.)

Thanks to gavinfer for these lyrics

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