"Million Dollar Dreams (Skit)" lyrics


"Million Dollar Dreams (Skit)"

Man, sometimes I wonder where my life is goin,
Or where it went, shit maybe I'm real stoic
Waking up every morning just to go to school
Pushing shit for fun cause we thought it was cool
What if I got good grades back then?
Would I be a doctor or a lawyer making bank? Amen.
The words of wise men back when they didn't phase me
All I wanted to do was scream my heart out, somebody save me
Now I'm yelling out so the world can hear
So listen clear before I disappear
Empires, my dream of living big, can I make it?
Can I sit in a rari, all black, can I take it?
The sad truth is we all have dreams
Some of us live that life, some of us scheme
Some of us live life in between
Without seeing a dollar to put food on that table
Some of us fall because we are unable
To follow through with our plans, so we cut the cables
We blank out everything to live life below our means
But I still think about what it's like to have million dollar dreams

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