"The Letter" lyrics


"The Letter"

We'll gather a night like the breaking of year's end, a casket, a disease, and these regrets....and chain them to your legs and watch you drown. Remember my life and the way you've broken me? I'm laughing as you sleep, as you sink with my words weighing down your feet. No one will hear you, as you feel life slip away. So don't scream, my eyes will bleed...save your breath, as you sink beneath these waves. Your touch, it drowns me slow...as my lungs choke on every memory, every memory. Can you hear the cries? Every sight stains your eyes...you blink and you fade, goodnight. Being born inside a shadow makes you see the beauty of life. And if this is goodbye, cut my veins from yours. Becoming a corpse was just my way of saying goodbye to a life i'd rather not lead. If you won't speak now, you'll forever hold these pieces when you drown. (i cut my veins from yours) Take me from here, farther from this decay of what i was...i'll be reborn in light. Take me to where angels rejoice. Build me from bricks of your voice. And this will be your final plea, with stitched lips you'll tell no lies to me. (I could never live with your lies in me)

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