"Michael Larson" lyrics


"Michael Larson"

Still and yet. Yet and still.
Back across the rack, face against car grill.
The spirit of compromise is very much alive.
As seen in my ugly house, evidenced in my ugly wife.

Fear of failure, fear of success.
Twin beatings that drive all men.
Failings of church, failing of family.
Ugly, stupid, voices rambling.

Saw a couple with child, I wondered why and right then decided-
my neck hates chains around it.
Saw a woman I wanted, I wondered why her life won't transect mine,
why I'll float right by her.

Fear of failure, fear of success.
Twin beatings that crush all men.
Things got rough on the road, but no better at home.
Life's become winter in Western New York.

Spent time with friends, pressed chest to breasts.
But it'll take more than joy to move me.
The broken VCR, not worth repair
But god willing I'll act as a doorstep.

Still and Yet. Yet and Still.

Thanks to Brandon for these lyrics

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