"Thrash" lyrics



Align yourself
With the freed men
How can you deny this ground
You sold your flesh

Tell yourself that you’re a free man
Tear your vestments the slave becomes the crown

The thirst filled us the worst years of
Birth and death were held by threads

The turning set about the pages saw escape
The filth of years beneath our fingers washed away
Then gold within our ears drew figures and erased
The wretched lost their way, they’re standing here today

Resist with wounded eyes, wide awake but dead inside

You’re breaking my heart, You’re breaking my heart
Standing here the audience will tear me all apart
The hardened answers you planned fell apart
So blanket me, so you can see, you’ve broken my heart

So I will tell you one last thing, intertwine us for history
It will seal our fates, but I take my place

Your rigid throats proclaim the righteous written word
But you cut out the veins and now you sleep with her
It’s dripping from your mouths, It’s pouring from your skin
The lust of power takes you and the stench has settled in
You have ground your teeth craving control

I see what’s waiting for me, and it’s beautiful so beautiful
I can’t stop these words they all just rush to me
But I guess I’ve lost my senses there’s just so much to see
Many times in my life I doubted your words
But here I am and everything I’ve heard is true
And it’s you, so beautiful
Beautiful to me

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