"The Weak's End" lyrics


"The Weak's End"

you are a smart one
saying things that can't be undone
and it shows.
you don't know what goes on here.
you don't know what happens each time
my breastplate and armor fall, they fall.
desperately abandoning
the hopes that brought you here so far.
if you think you can save just one,
you've failed them all.
why don't you just see me through this one?
it would be okay.
if you choose to be the one to release me
how could i say no?
breaking down and on your knees,
you've grasped for the things that are just out of reach.
but it's the ledge that's so far away.
the truth that you reach for the reasons to stay.
in that instance you make your choice,
drop your blanket, resound your voice.
this is God.
when all is done help me stand.

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