"Go Wrong Young Man" lyrics


"Go Wrong Young Man"

I thought I was the sun and all its light
Shining in the dark, your vengeance my guide
I wanted to take this world back for you
Tearing skin and voice let the light breakthrough

I can’t see a thing
I want this more than anything

The headlight stopped my feet from moving and my eyelids could not close or move away.
From the echo of the voice that buckled both my knees and flung me to the ground beneath the weight.
The earth and road seemed like they were not there at all but there it was and everything in place.
But I was changed, I was not the same

But now I confess, here in my own flesh is the familiar and the intimate

7 words, 7 words have severed into me
7 words, 7 words have brought me to my knees

Count your blessings that you’ve never seen the things the simple things were ours to take.
But the questions danced around our innocence and now the innocence is nothing more than faith.
Gather towards the door your things, come quickly now, the morning gives the light away.
Open your heart, to the very worst parts and let them depart

I cut my teeth on the flesh of the liars
I made my words into stones and then broke all the bones
I never saw the blade that ripped up my rib cage
My eyes glazed over and the world moved on
How dare we speak of future and boast of legacy

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