"Shown To The Moon" lyrics


"Shown To The Moon"

The night hangs blue on the black sea
And the wind whips through your hair
I’ve been gone for a lifetime
And I followed your cries here
And those cries sent me wandering
And I brought what of the world that I could carry back for you
Just you and I on the shoreline
And the stars that shimmer on and on
I’m lost without you near me
Show me to the moon

I don’t think that I’d survive without you anyway
Show me to the moon so I can keep my ills at bay
Or fade into her light and wander on eternally
Show me to the moon

I always swore I was trying
And I ruined perfect moments like the times where we would stay
Awake all night between bed sheets
And I loved you like the spring and I was reaching for the sun
You replied with a smile
And an unrequiting stare that sent me off through lonely weather
I’ll return in the summer
Fall out the door before I hear you say that I’m not welcome

Then, as if by song, I will reappear on some quiet winter dawn
And you’ll be tired, so tired of singing along

Thanks to izaknotfromthebible for these lyrics

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