"Note To Self" lyrics


"Note To Self"

Well you came all this fucking way to lose it all
You know your head won't come to rest beneath these squalls
Still here we are running down a dream
Living in a past that never will come clean
What the fuck are we doing here?
You shouldn't need a song to make this clear

Lost sight of all you ever dreamed of
There has to be a reason while you still insist on tearing yourself down
Became the one thing you're afraid of
Your mind already made up, if you let no one in you'll never make it out

Even now you still refuse to just forget her
And when your heart expires you'll blame it on the weather
Chasing down the past like some white whale
You know that's a ship that never will set sail
What the fuck are you waiting for?
Get off your fucking ass get out the door

Out of time and out of place
The years like scars across your face
Old records to remind you life is long when you're longing

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