"Better Whenever" lyrics


"Better Whenever"

Who put these lines across my face?
I thought i meant it when I said I’d age with grace
Laid out my years across your floor
My legs are tired I’m not running anymore

When I get down I need you here
Cause there’s a demon, there’s a desert, there’s a fear
When I lay down to sleep alone
I am extinguished, I am expired, I am old

But I’ll get better whenever

So grab your bike, a car, a train, or plane
And just get back to me
Or I can drive or pay for flights
Meet me anywhere tonight
I’ll bring beers or books or songs
I’ll sing and you could sing along
Or sit and smoke or laugh or cry
Pull the hair back from your eyes
Have another drink with me
We’ll toast to our obscurity
You’ll lean in and I’ll calm down
I’ll hemorrhage my neuroses out
If you would let me stick around
I’ll follow you all the way down
And I’ll tell you like you never knew
How good it feels to breath and speak
And hear and see and live and love with you

I’ll get better whenever

Thanks to izaknotfromthebible for these lyrics

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