"Girl Of My Dreams" lyrics


"Girl Of My Dreams"

it was a saturday night and i was bored out of my mind, and i had nothing to do that night. so i decided to go to a party with some friends, and when i got there i was feeling all down inside, cause there was no one special in my life, but then out of nowhere you appeared. cause you're the girl of my dreams, yeah you're the girl of my dreams. when i saw you for the first time in my life, i knew that i found the one, and that i didn't have to search for, the girl of my dreams anymore. after i met you i didn't want to leave you, i couldn't sleep cause i was just thinking of you, and saying how i wish that i could be yours forever, when i go to sleep i dream that we're always together, just me and the girl of my dreams, together i know that everything will be okay.

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