"Breakup Anxiety" lyrics


"Breakup Anxiety"

now i know, i was wrong, you were right, all along. all those times, i spent with you, were so good, now what to do? i was standing on the sidewalk, as i was watching you drive away. i wanted to yell "stop", and tell you the things that i wanted to say. i can't believe that after all this time, it just ended like this, i'll never forget all those times, that you'd hold me and give me a kiss. and i guess that we won't be talking now for a while, cause i know, that when i look at you, i will always miss your smile. you'll come down on yourself, i'll come down on myself, regretting things we said and did, i know that it'll be good, but we need time to forgive. so now it's over, i never pictured this as the end. you tell me that you don't hate me, and you only want to be friends. i'm sorry if i can't do this, it seems that i've been hurt too much. by girls who tell me they love me, but always seem out of touch.

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