"My Darkest Night" lyrics


"My Darkest Night"

in all honesty now i must confess.
that i have wished that you ran away,
never looking back.
all that flows through your veins causes me to break.
still you mistake it for fear yet in all you do.
it strengthens you.
and you, yeah, i feel you in my sleep.
and you, i think of you what else could i do.
and you, yeah i feel you in my sleep.
an you, you know it's true, i love you.
this is the one time that laughter breaks me down.
in darker nights i imagine that i had played the smarter part.
climbing the stairs i wish i gathered it all up close to me.
this may need cover-up still i wear what few see fair.
you are queens to me.
you are queens to me.

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