"The Point" lyrics


"The Point"

You can do whatever you want
your not stuck with me
I'll tell you one thing
we'd make history you, you and me

Your getting closer now,
it's getting better now
but your still so far gone

And I am to the point
where I don't even wanna know
where you are or where your goin' baby (ooo)
Same old story
I am to the point where I don't even wanna see
Your face anymore, anymore

I don't wanna live with regret
wonderin' why my life is a mess
when all you want is more
more more more

Your getting closer now,
still getting better now
But your still
But your still so far gone


Your so far gone
But I'm moving on

I, I never, never felt so alive without,
Without you by my side
I never, I never felt so alive
I'm so glad I left you behind



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