"Granola" lyrics



Guys like you
Are always so entertaining
"I can't help myself"
She said
"I'm crazy for that smile"
The she'll drag me down
With her friends
To their demonstrations
Well I have to share my girl
With her cult life

Don't call me apathetic
'Cause I don't believe the hype
'Cause it's people who believe in things
That are always taking lives

And it's OK that you want to take
Some time away from me
It's all about karma
Alien invasions
Chakras and crystals
And reincarnation
Just let me leave the left behind

Guys like you are always
So entertaining
"We're just good friends"
She says
"He's so deep and involved"
But me?
Well she drags me down
Never ever lets me out
Well I've seen all I care to hear
Of what with me is wrong

Man your soul is rotten
But your teeth are pearly white
Everything that comes from you
Is a fake or a lie


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