"Wonder" lyrics



I have a secret, but I can't keep it
Cuz it's all about you
And if I tell it, I'll surely regret it
And you'll doubt that it's true
Maybe you'll hate me, laugh and berate me
say I don't mean what I say
Don't be so stupid...you've never met cupid...
And you never will this way...
Can't pick your destination, but my life's fine
Cuz I can assure you that you'll never, ever be mine
So used to alienation but your kind
That I can assure you that you never, ever will be mine
Now for that secret, you won't believe it
It was right here all along
Written on pages, I've known it for ages
It's in all my favorite songs
But you'll never listen, and go right on missing
The point I am trying to make
I'll let you wonder, my heart torn as under
Was it love or was it hate

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