"Strive" lyrics



Don't wanna feel, don't wanna get
Dragged down by monotony and
I'd rather feel a pain that's real
Than hide behind a routine and
I've gotta be the real me
Struggling for answers to questions
That plague me, I've gotta be
The only thing that I can depend on

That anthem in my head, it makes me want it all
That anthem in my head, it makes me keep on fighting

The things I see that bother me
Can only make me stronger
I have to go down my own road
Even if the path takes longer
Fighting to see and not believe
That everybody must get older
I'm hanging on, I'll sing my song
Won't let my heart grow colder

They know everything
Gave up their free thinking
Because they've seen it all
Next stop is at the mall

Cuz homogenized masses never think anyway
About the jobs that slave their lives away,
Cuz everybody knows that thinkin' doesn't pay,
So why even try at the end of the day...

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