"Johnny's War" lyrics


"Johnny's War"

With a will of iron and a heart of gold and a life he did not choose
He'd hold his head up high and proud beaten black and blue
A shot of whiskey down his gullet and a bottle in his hand
Thrust into a world that would never understand
Oh Johnny look at, look at what you've done
Chose life with the bottle and threw away your love
Hey Johnny did you, did you lose your way
Never knew the price you'd pay
Look away, look away, look away your irish flag
There's a war, there's a war, there's a war inside yourself
Look away, look away, look away while you still can
At war with a world that would never understand
Johnny had himself a love that he planned to make his wife
Who through it all whether right or wrong was always by his side
Then in a fit of rage, he raised his hand up to her face
She dried off her tears then she turned and walked away

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