"Low Expectations" lyrics


"Low Expectations"

I'm not sad enough
I can't shed a tear
Not when I should
But I laugh when it's inappropriate
I like writing down
Shit that's wrong with me
So I can set the expectations
As low as can be

I got no job
I got no life
I am a constant disappointment
To the kids and my wife
I'm so in debt
I want to cry
And though I've tried before
I can't get a drop out

Trash has overflown
The lawn is growing weeds
The days are stuck together like a magazine
The dead soldiers are stacked so high
I have to wade through bodies just to find survivors
I can't grow old
I don't know how
To strike a chord without even making a sound

You know that what you see is what you get
Unless you're sold the touched up version
Rewrote, reshape
Your highlight reel is fake
I'd rather see the best of all your faults

Lower your expectations
To raise your recreations

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