"I've Got My Friends" lyrics


"I've Got My Friends"

Life is our camaraderie
Strength and pride and unity
What you get and only what you see
Loneliness a lonely town
All these things that brought us down
Beat us into how you see us now

Life has brought us down
Time and time again
I know I'm not alone I've got my friends

I find it hard just to believe
Nothing's small when our strength was great
Brought together by your twist of fate
Stepped on, battered, bruised and beat
But kept up high integrity
Misfit's not a word to describe me


I know my friends are there for me
We got our pride n' unity
Locked down life is our camaraderie
We'll break free of these chains you see
In this twisted reality
I'm not alone my friends are there for me

[Chorus x2]

Thanks to Brent Dunn for these lyrics

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