"This Notebook" lyrics


"This Notebook"

Written by Steve Reter and Dan Ciarrocchi © 2009 Dropout Year

if this is the start of a new game that we'll play,
dice will shake like my voice when i say the first move never felt so wrong,
i never thought it'd take so long. and i tip toe in a new direction.
drop subtle hints for a glance of attention. take a step back for a second to mention,
if i cross a line just know i meant it. but ill only go far enough, to stay this close.
i'm gonna write in this notebook you never get to read through with phrases
that i took from conversation with you, and throw them in the air with the possibility
these will be the words that you'll someday sing. i only hope you're listening.
the calendar says it took about a year for me to displace all my fears and mold it
into skin so thick. i want to shed it off and become fixed in awe over something
they see flawed and let its beauty soften my skin. let me take in everything
that i've been missing. if you're trying to find your way, i'm finding a way to try.
every word you ever doubted from the voice that screamed and shouted.
and then broke down beyond repair, but it served its purpose if I know you're there.
i only hope you're listening cause i'm done wasting time and wasting breath.

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