"The Other Line" lyrics


"The Other Line"

Written by Steve Reter and Dan Ciarrocchi © 2009 Dropout Year

i'd love to get you to take a few steps out of your comfort zone,
but just one at a time. and have you walk not stumble into my arms,
just try to imagine life as not a cycle fueled by doubt,
but more as a line and i'm the one to straighten it.
out of sight but always in mind. make your move and leave it behind.
this is the song you'll wish i hadn't written with the right amount of truth
that you just can't ignore. stop reminiscing and think about what you'd be missing.
this is a song with the meaning far from hidden only pointing out what you knew before.
now you feel safer, but life's not played out on paper.
i know he's visiting friday and he'll stay as long as you don't stop to think
about the guy who sits at home and struggles to figure out how these intangibles
we said no one else understands aren't enough to have you finally take my hand.
call me now up on your phone, i don't care that you're not alone.
i prefer the sound of your voice to the silence he creates covering your mouth with his.
a pacifier or a kiss? i'm the other line and hoping you will see through this in time.

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