"Mile Marker" lyrics


"Mile Marker"

Written by Steve Reter and Dan Ciarrocchi © 2009 Dropout Year

state lines aren't the only boundaries i've crossed recently.
but these exit signs, miles away they keep reminding me
that i'm coming home to see you, but never left behind thoughts
a certain girl had somehow planted in my mind.
thoughts we played out before, but feel so new.
any direction i go will always bring me back to you.
so i'll count another mile marker on my way through Pennsylvania.
5,4,3,2,1. one last phone call just to hear your voice,
and since i have a choice i won't say goodbye,
don't say goodbye, cause i'll see you soon.
all the leaves have turned from green to brown
and hit the ground since i've seen your face.
it's your favorite time of year, a time a postcard can't replace.
and though the months change, it's safe to say i won't.
i've found a place i finally belong to. it cant be found on a map,
it's always been right next to you. all of this time i've used up
all of my mind to find a way to you. if you're singing along,
i hope you know that this song is just one of the things i'll give you.
soon enough i'll find the place where you are,
cause the mile marker's bringing me home. i'll see you soon.

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