"Lights Turned Low (Ready Go)" lyrics


"Lights Turned Low (Ready Go)"

Written by Steve Reter and Dan Ciarrocchi © 2009 Dropout Year

they set the stage and she's entered from stage right to the center of attention.
she's mentioned a thing or two about stealing the show.
he catches her eye knowing he'd be the guy with whom she'd make a mistake
and not worry about whose heart it breaks.
before she knows it she's back in a place she knows all too well.
without thinking of her boyfriend she thinks to herself.
lights turned low. ready? go! they won't hear, just lay here.
in this bed you'll stay. lights turned low. ready? go!
so clever, they'll never find out what you just gave away.
in a bed not too distant, there's a boy who's been missing events
at a party transpiring he'd rather not see.
and then it hits him! that feeling something's missing,
but that puzzle piece found somewhere else to fit in.
before he knows it, he's back in a place he knows all too well.
with an empty space beside him, he thinks to himself.
and though it's dark tonight, there's still a glimmer in his eye.
sparks and takes him out of bed while she runs through his head.
she turned out the lights only thinking of the fights.
found her way to cut the ties while letting someone else inside.

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