"Counting Down" lyrics


"Counting Down"

Written by Steve Reter and Dan Ciarrocchi © 2009 Dropout Year

i've grown sick of waking up to lay down
and living days that I've have lived through before.
along with meeting face to face with a town filled with people i don't know anymore.
but there's a van outside with nothing but its will to drive,
and memories reminding me of times i felt alive.
these cities are made of canvas begging to be painted in red.
this is our signature; it won't soon fade away.
counting down the days where we can live our lives this way,
having no regard for what tomorrow brings.
counter it with nights spent getting in over our heads.
forgetting what we left back, no regrets or take backs.
we're doing this in style. if i can keep myself intact
and this is how i feel at the start,
then my veins are like the roads on a map filled with life,
and attached to my heart. and it beats for these moments.
it beats for moments just like this. where halfway home is halfway gone,
exactly where i need to be.
looking through this rear view i see what we've been through.
looking through this rear view i see what we've been through.
we'll stay side by side and ride these lines, cause we'll be counting down.

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