"Come Home True Love" lyrics


"Come Home True Love"

When every heart that you loved has gone insane,
When the smoke in your lungs doesn’t feel the same,
And the pain in your head just won't go away
When souls don’t remember your fucking name

Every word that you spat out was a single mistake
Are we just cursed or dead? There’s no room to escape
With lights shining bright and no goals to make,
Was everything I asked too much guilt to take?

You made me hate what I used to fucking love
Made up stories that seemed like they were send straight from above

They can’t measure heart,
When love isn’t what I want

Yet I’m still here shaking
Yet I’m still here believing

How can they measure my heart?
Does it go off the love or how many times I’ve been a broken man?
Or how many times you left me here

When home doesn’t feel like home,
Did you ever look at a picture of yourself?
It’s not the person that I see now
And home doesn’t feel like home
No more, that stranger is you

It’s time for letting go…
Of everything I loved about you to
be washed away by those dreams and
Grabbed by better hearts I should have known right from the start

Of everything I loved about you to
be washed away by those dreams
Grabbed by better hearts I
should have known from the start

My hands around depression
My past to the crows

With both feet on the ground
I wont pick you up this time
Drowned everything I knew would hold me down.

You picked up the stones which were meant to stay forever
You teared down walls that were built to stay strong together

I've written songs about you
I wasted nights dreaming about you
I told the whole fucking world about you
Spent every day thinking about you‚
About you.

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