"Ambitions" lyrics



With your heart in my hands,
And the ambition of things to change,
Do we understand why,
Or is it just so we remember our names?

Remember to breathe as it gets colder.
Remember to write as you get older.
Are you happy as your smile shows?
(To make this never go away.)
Somewhere, anywhere, everywhere.

How much longer, do I have to balance you,
And refine you, to walk with me?

To long have I lived with those that hate peace.
Another one and we can surely make it.
With delivered phrases of pleased memories.
He will remember those lines.
He will remember you, this time.
I built this all, with my own eager hands.

Never been touched with velvet gloves,
Or hatched in golden hay,
I've left scars in a million places
To make myself explained.

I sing the champion theme.
Only when you know it's real.

I sing these songs to express myself in feelings.
I sing those words to show you how my life really assists.
I sing these melodies to survive in peoples minds.
I sing those words so you can see and notice that I'm alive.

My words.
I sing the champion theme.
(My everything.)
Only when you know when it's real.
(My words.)
I sing the champion theme.
(My everything.)
Only when you know when it's real.

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