"Polka Never Dies" lyrics


"Polka Never Dies"

Your eyes were filled with stars
So you pick up a guitar
and how the people gave
the attention that you crave
Tonight, the stage is yours
but the world has watched you rise
and fall a thousand times before
Polka Never Dies!

So when your face is gone
the dance will carry on
and you'll rot down in your grave
with the souls you couldn't save
Tonight, the stage is yours
how they loved your moans and sighs
But oh, the reaper loved you more
Polka Never Dies!

Come all you Indie Hipster Darlings
and new pop country Starlings,
To the main street legion hall
look into my crystal ball
Emo, Screamo, Polka Never Dies!
Last call, dance hall, Polka Never Dies!
You'll be the first against the wall
You'll be the first against the wall

Thanks to chillindude3 for these lyrics

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