"Submerge" lyrics



Performed as Doyle

I feel submerged by my tears, amazed in front of so much grâce
All my hair bristles in the wind, always full of my feelings
Seized by the beauty
I got it under my skin, each day, wherever I go
I got it under my skin
All my nights are rocked by the purity
Sounds change to life in my eardrums
Pain is full of love and I'm voiceless
I will forever feel your scars, always flowing in my bloodstream...
Can you feel Love?
Can you feel my hypersensibility? Can you feel?
I might turn blind if love is gone
Feeling despair in all its forms...
Will you turn blind if love is gone?
You are gone
Love, you are gone
You are gone, all is full of love, always giving more... (I feel blind)
You are gone, never look behind, cause I feel so blind... (You are gone)
I feel submerged by my tears (Love)
I feel submerged by my tears (Full of love).

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