"Where're Here To Basketball" lyrics


"Where're Here To Basketball"

Bruising’s easy when you’re clumsy, when you’re drunk it’s even worse
We could childproof the living room but I don’t think that it would help
The carpet’s stained from use, tipped over glasses and leftover food
And when the dishes pile up I’ll do them in the morning.

I never make myself clear yet my intentions keep you near
No wonder you’re confused
By muffled descriptions and my drunken slurs.

Let’s not ruin a good thing, I need a friend not a relationship
Because I’m the worse kind of person always throwing good things away.
You won’t see it but you will someday
When you’re tired of getting old tired of all my friends
I won’t get tired of you.

Let’s move to Seattle I won’t break this promise to you
I hear it rains all year but that’s alright with me.

Because I need a coast to keep me in line.

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