"Just Say When" lyrics


"Just Say When"

You wanted to see a part of me you’ve never seen
I didn’t think I was worth it.
You wanted to see a part of me
But I was caught up in something.

You should’ve been there I was a wreck
Unearthing photographs that were buried inside of my desk
I’ve ruined enough to fill a capsule with objects
Let time set them in.

It wasn’t suppose to be like this
My words were messy my actions quick
I could have set the record straight but instead I chose to wait

I remember our weekend with Mike & Megan
When we talked about our parents
Will I find it again?

Black tank top and jeans you don’t care about anything except if I love you in the end
(I’m still going to love you in the end).
We still talk, but it’s different
I want you to be in my life.
So just say when.

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