"Swiss Army Life" lyrics


"Swiss Army Life"

Young and mean, is this the life?
Thinkin' how you spend your time
face down in mud and twine,
knee deep in blood and swine
Losin' friends and all the while
makin' foes that span for miles
Wanting more than a rank-n-file
stuck in a Swiss army life like mine

Livin' in my beat up apartment
no I don't have much luck
Golden things don't travel my way,
no I don't win too much

So I went another way
They got me in a one room tent by the sea
Why can't it be one more day and I'm out
Is this the life I sought out?
Broken dreams with Swiss army knives

My mother told me "son, that ain't the place you wanna go"
I want a life of mine, I want a life I own

I shoulda known that you can't love through a letter
and you can't kill from a rhyme
And I'm lookin' for an escape from Swiss army life

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