"Rogues" lyrics



Younger days I used to be ashamed of
realities I used to be afraid of
They come to life when I'm on my own now
Mother said, "Son listen close now,
your forgiveness is a gift
heart on your sleeve but your feet are swift
gotta get back up
and start a new way of thinking"

back up on my own to feet again
street signs are harder to understand
empty pockets and so much to pay for
a little help for my foot in the front door

Stay up, stay up, drive a little longer
wise up, wise up, better off without her
hold on, hold on, take me somewhere
rogues are bent and bound for nowhere

and these words, they resonate through me
as I battle reflections across the country
never felt a freedom like austin
I find a home where I love to get lost in
take a breath set the record straight
my only vice is a quick escape from
anything that keeps me from
leaving mt home

Blind ambition can break through a dead end
old souls and rogues on the lam again

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