"Rocca Ave." lyrics


"Rocca Ave."

I stepped inside and I looked around
Nobody's home but I hear the sound
Of the city street, well I can hear her
I can hear this dirty town

The 101, you're so close
When I'm looking out my window
Well California, I should have warned ya
I'm broken down and I'm broken hearted too

I call it home but it ain't much
Old friends don't keep in touch
And there sleeping here
But they're selling drugs there
On El Camino trying to make some luck

So tell me when you see it
Yeah when you see it
Tell me when you see it
Rocca Avenue, the hood I knew

Coming home ain't as pretty as it used to be
Staying all along, breathing in air of defeat
Baby I know that it grows
Around here now on Rocca Avenue

Seven years since I left the start
Left my home, since since I left that park
Now I see the rot and I feel the decay
When I broke my heart in Old West Bay

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