"We're On The Run" lyrics


"We're On The Run"

Let's get out of here
you gotta know what im thinking
Let's get out of here
they got us on the run
let's get out of here
we;ve fucking losing our minds
let's get out of here
i know i should man up
fuck it
everything's breaking i just can't take it
then you have to come and add on the pressure
what the hell are we doing here
the exit to paradise is two blocks way
i see your eyes you're thinking the same
sometimes our heads just can't stop racing
fuck everything im going home
fuck everything let's dip out
perfect summer night and the moon is out
grab your paint we got our boards
d's (no nickname) got the guns
this town is ours
we're tucking in the kids kissing goodnight
kissing farewell on this dreary night
enemies are staying low
tonight none of us are thinking right

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