"Serve And Neglect" lyrics


"Serve And Neglect"

Never there, never care
Ask for help you laugh you sit and stare
Serve and protect, you abuse and neglect
Talk down to me like your god's gift I don't owe you any respect
Don't let them fool you they're no friend to you
They'll walk across your face to just get to you
Don't care about you or me
Give up so easily
No getting through to them
Nothing for them to see
Stabbed in the face and in the chest and get nothing at all
But you can get three years for writing on a fucking wall
I can't believe all the things you waste your time
Investigate a pointless case to cover up the city's real problems
See through you, don't trust you
Abuse your power put them down to keep your ego higher
Got to make up for everything you never were
Won't give you anything
Don't deserve what you get
You don't know a fucking thing it's time you got your facts straight
We don't owe a fucking thing and we won't be the ones to pay
Don't know a fucking thing
We don't owe a fucking thing

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