"Quick To Judge" lyrics


"Quick To Judge"

What does it take to find my own peace
To stop the war inside my head
Let the past stay in the past
I can't judge you, you can't judge me
But that's not how it goes and it burns me inside
Melting my brain fire in my eyes
I let it eat away until there's nothing left
Insecurities get the best of me
Can't change can't get away always chasing after me
Won't change this is me always got a hold on me
It's like a ghost constantly stalking me
Can't ever see but I feel it there
One wrong move sets it free
And out comes the beast inside of me
I'll turn the best into the worst
Make a bright day turn ashy gray
Selfishness can be my best friend
My weakness until my end
My own weaknesses, my worst enemies
Always got a hold on me

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