"Outcome" lyrics



I try so hard to make it perfect but it doesn't work at all
So i do it again and again
What is the outcome, nothing, i'm still where i was before
Don't give up, try it one more time
Sure thing i fail, again and again
Look at where i am, where am i?
I need something new to do
I want to get my mind off
All this stress it's a fucking mess
I'm caught in my own trap
But i'm swimming upstream not moving
Still stuck in the same spot
I can't see where i'm going i don't know what i'm looking for
I just want to get out
I have five thousand darts and only one board
And i miss it every single time
I can't get anything right
I build it up i think i'm done, and then i falls apart again
And i'm tired, of working so hard, and accomplishing nothing
I want to keep going, i want to keep trying
I also want to quit but i don't quit
i'll just start something else
i'm going to try something new
i'm going to tear this apart

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