"Conquer The World" lyrics


"Conquer The World"

A life that we live that we care nothing about
Trapped in a world that only spits us out
Held down, force fed
Same routine until we're dead
Fight for status, it's all for greed
Step on those to get what we need
Steal anything that will take us higher
Strike the match set this world on fire
We struggle to get to the top
Never satisfied with what we have
After all of our destruction
We never find an end
When the time has come and there's nowhere to run
Stuck in a cell screaming for the sun
Looking for comfort, looking for care
You burned it all up there's nobody there
Rolling over everything in sight
Raped and conquered, no fair fights
So caught up in a fucking race
That amounts to nothing just a fucking waste
Never gonna find what you're looking for
So lost in yourself, so desperate for something more
Do anything to win
Fuck all who don't give in
Conquer the world
Leave nothing in the end

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