"Burn It!" lyrics


"Burn It!"

Originally by 4 Walls Falling

A dollar hollers louder than a living creature cries
there's more for the meaning than merely meets the eye
corporations and industries destroying our rivers and streams
it's the future of earth vs. cost efficiency
fuck your corporations and the destruction they create
poison the world we live in and put our lives at stake
damn your power
it's time to burn it down
consciousness stained by the money making american dream
socially bred desires, irresponsibility
turned out unconscious to the negative flow
this world's a pressure cooker ready to blow!
discontent is building, the signs are very clear
revolution coming, extinction is the fear
damn your power it's time to burn it down
burn it!
conditioning of complacency
rejection of reality
this inhumane society
to finally break free
we must burn it!

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