"The Clock, The Cross, The City" lyrics


"The Clock, The Cross, The City"

There's a cold wind that blow through my window at night
It pulls on my sheets and reads me my last rites
Say this life is finite
I guess I can't take my time
I saw my old city
Just like I remember
In the old cold nights of my future
I won't be assaulted
By the abyss
It seems so far away but I can still reach it
The clock is folding in
The cross is twisting
I've got this machine
But it's gone missing
I'm not solid
There's too much space between the atoms that make up my body and my state
I am sullen
I'm sinking in
I'm not afraid of old age
I'm just afraid of what it's doused in
The clock is spinning sheets
The cross is lacking heat
I've got this machine
But it fucking cheats!
I'm spinning a boat
Don't know how to swim
I can't find my way into the ocean
I am drowning
The waves keep crashing in
From the east and the west and the south
The water keeps filling my mouth
The clock is on fire
The cross has got it lit
I've got this machine
And I'm gonna break it!

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