"Beerhorse: The Song" lyrics


"Beerhorse: The Song"

I never knew things could be so affecting. I wasn't aware of the power of those words. I try not to offend my friends, but sometimes they just think the worst. But two months ago we were laughing and drinking and people didn't have to play their cards. I know that we were always taking sides, but there were times when we could feign support. These passive games are getting old, and I don't know why they take a toll so why can't we just be friends without so many pretensions? Hey friends, we're not politicking. We're not fighting for flags. These guitars aren't for fighting, they're for dancing with your friends, and this network hierarchy is making a mess of our social circles. Hey friends, we are not a community 'cause we are fighting on these grounds that we can barely see, but we're fighting anyway. But the ground isn't stable. No, we've torn it all thin. Every action's for a game that we barely know we're in. The players are all wearing face masks, and they carry no sticks. We're just sitting down in circles. We're just laying down our bricks. Hey friends, there's no room for hypocrisy. I called myself a preacher where everyone could see, and I didn't know it was such a big deal.

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