"Valerie" lyrics



the smile underneath your shadowed eyes
haunted me through the years I looked
over you still I remain Valerie.

Falling in between here and there
I'm only anchored by you
rays of light, they catch your eyes
carried to eternity
I've kept the monsters at the gates
I've held your soul safe all this time.

I'll be your ghost through time and space
I'll be your saviour, your vanished hero
and I'll hold your emptiness, I'll rearrange
the world to light your way

waiting for the day I reach your existence
I haunt the corridors waiting till you see me
in the skyline I'll build for you a place to sleep

through the static on the radio I try to reach
out to you
my voice is caught out in the atmosphere
but all I see is you

I'm drawn to your dark / I'm warmed by your light.
The shimmer of your radiance is enough to keep
me bound.

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