"Thanx Fatty" lyrics


"Thanx Fatty"

Frazer, Phil and Christian
remember back in 2000
you had that shitty punk band

so.. frazer you wrote that song about me
venomous and just retarded - a song
imaginatively called “hate”
you enjoyed talking down to me
treating me like a fool while ripping off
who I was (and my good friend Mark Cross)

you always liked reminding me
how wrong I was, pointing out every
single fault that I had to make you
feel good. Passively aggressively saying
I was your “best friend” nah nah nah nahhhhhhh
then there was...

Phil and Christian - the masters of the
unoriginal one tried to sound like fat mike
the other like Billie Joe.
You said I “Lied” so what ethically do you
call stabbing me in the back?
You were always critical of me but what the
fuck did you do. Acting like the moral compass
never once putting eyes upon yourself
you knew I was broken still you
tortured me for your amusement

all fucking 3 of you excelled in the mediocre
and you always will - Da nah nah

Frazer, Phil and Christian the scarves you
wear are fucking gay
every one of you can go fuck yourself
seriously, a band called Thanx Fatty..
how lame is that?
You 3 can go fuck yourselves and stick
your band up your ass.

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