"SeroQuel" lyrics



your eyes are dead.
Your words are always self satisfied as you're all alone.
Playing the victim as you smash everyone elses life
convincing them your words are all they want

Bleeding in there with your audience you show your insignificance
on stage you stand surrounded by those with knives in their backs
like Charles manson you will lead them down a path of self destruction
and when you're done you'll discard them used and empty

you cry only when there is sympathy to be gained you're not a philosopher stop the bullshit
pseudo depth of character your voice writes words that your brain can't cash nobody cares

you pushed them away, you needed them back
the fools! They returned like good little clones
you played the hero and with full intention
dragged them down with you

advantage you will take to walk all over them
get what you need and then discard them

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