"(Looking) Through The Letterbox" lyrics


"(Looking) Through The Letterbox"

Eidetically remembering every bad thing done to me
everyday the same routine subduing the screaming noise
in my head waiting to rest
it's just that sometimes I sit and wonder if things will ever
get better than this
I now see the person I've become / it's hard to live with
hating who you are

All those friends who left and gave up on me
I don't blame you at all

now that this past year is almost done
I feel so tired and worn but I carry on and on
the world turns I know I'm not that important
in the grand scheme of things.
It's so hard to exist when even your own thoughts
stack up against you.
The nightmares are my reality and constantly
bombarding who I am

looking at myself in the mirror I curse who I am

I dread becoming someone with the cold dead eyes
of a person that's checked out.
Shuffling through the streets bewildered and alone
floating to oblivion.

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